Saturday, October 23, 2010

Queen B

The birthday party I attended was at Queen B's English Tea Room.  It's in this old house which is filled with shelves and shelves bursting with antique teapots and cups and little knickknacks, all of it for sale.  The tables are right in the midst of all these items, and it's very cozy.  In the mood to be a little silly? Queen B's has loads of hats and boas and lacy gloves to add to your "posh afternoon."

The Tea - About ten of us ladies shared the day's celebration for our friend.  We each had our own little pot of tea, which we poured through strainers into our floral cups.  I chose vanilla, but the choices were endless.  There was Summer (fruity), Winter (spicy), Gunpowder (a strong green tea), and Chocolate (yep, chocolate), just to name a few.
The food - Wonderful and abundant food, with choices from soup and salad and sandwiches to more traditional English fare.  Then I had one little treat and put it in my food journal.  Still stayed within my calorie range for the day!  However, I must admit that despite my wee indulgence, I showed incredible restraint while sitting in front of this:
The gifts - We were instructed not to bring gifts.  I always feel a little funny about this, for some reason, but I obeyed the request.  At one point, the birthday girl said that she wanted to let us know that we had already given her gifts.  She then presented each of us with a slip of paper containing her account of ways our friendship had blessed her.  Each was specific to the recipient.  I thought this was such a sweet gesture and was a real celebration of friendship.  

The bonus - In the central area of Queen B's is a little shop with British items for sale.  I'm sure it's actually a lovely product, but I had to snap a picture of this item that caught my attention purely for its interesting name.
Cheerio, loves!


  1. What a fun post!
    And you did a great job enjoying your friends and the event. It's even better than you were able to participate and enjoy a little treat while still keeping your calories in check.
    I think that's the way skinny people do it.

  2. Found you via Hottie challenge and Dr. F. I think you did GREAT at the tea with all of those treats in your face. I also love the gesture of friendship that your friend shared. I am going to use that idea someday. I will be back. Stay strong. Michele

  3. Well, at least ONE of us showed restraint. Birthdays only come once a year right? (So how come I've had about four "birthday meals" in the last week?) I'm off to exercise. :)

  4. That sounds like a fun outing. Good for you for staying strong with all those treats. You are rocking this challenge!

    That can made me lol!

  5. LOL--spotted dick has long been the butt of American jokes. I think it's funny too. I think this tea party sounds sooo lovely. We have some tea rooms around here I've never been to but I really want to. Good job on staying in your points range!