Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pretty in Pink

October is National 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Today I attended the "Baubles & Beads Style Show and Luncheon," which assists local women who might require financial help with their breast cancer treatments, medications, or other needs in order to battle their disease effectively.  This annual event has provided funds to the Peterson Regional Medical Center Breast Cancer Assistance Fund since 2002.

Our Table

Before the crowd arrived

Pink everywhere!

Rose petals on the runway

Baubles & Beads

Naturally, I started thinking about health and wellness during this luncheon.  I thought about how lucky I am not to be dealing with a life-threatening illness, even though I've eaten loads of junky foods and gone long stretches of time being sedentary.  

Sitting at my table were Jennifer and Kacy, who are both runners.  We talked about health and the importance of physical activity.  Jennifer started running just recently.  She has a friend with breast cancer who is beating it and credits that partly to her active lifestyle.  Kacy has been running for about two years, but is really getting serious about it lately (after having major knee surgery, mind you).  She's recently lost almost 50 pounds!  They were very supportive of my efforts to get healthier, and I had a great time visiting with them today.
Jennifer and Kacy
This got me excited thinking about what I might work up to.  I'll be sensible about it, of course.  I've recently recovered from a year-long foot injury, so I won't try to run right now.  I'll need to build up to it.  But already I can see improvement in my abilities.  If I try it and have a problem, I'll just build up more.  But I think I would like to try to run.  Maybe not a marathon, or even a 10K.  But how about a mile?  I know for a fact I couldn't run a mile right now, but maybe someday.

And speaking of physically fit, next up came the local firemen, strutting down the runway to collect money for the cause.  They really knew how to work the crowd, and women were stuffing those boots with cash!
Firemen on the Runway

These little pink gift boxes were at each of our place settings.  What could be inside?  
Open it!


Ah, looks like my two kiddos will each get a little treat!

And speaking of little treats, even the dessert was pink.  Here's where serendipity hit... One guest at our table was not served her dessert.  She asked the waiter for it, but it never came.  So instead of sitting there thinking about how to resist eating the whole thing, I offered my untouched dessert to the other woman.  It worked out great!  

I heard it was delicious!

Today's luncheon was very emotional.  I'd encourage everyone reading this to do what you can to help eradicate breast cancer.  Donate time and money, if you can.  Wear your pink ribbon awareness gear.  Talk about it.  Sign up for events to raise awareness.  This can happen to anyone (and statistically, most of us will be affected by breast cancer during our lifetimes - either personally or through someone we care about.)

So here are my final words (stolen from a t-shirt I saw for sale today): "Feel your boobies."  Check yourselves, and remind others to do the same!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


  1. What an amazing day it looks like you had! All of the pink decor looks beautiful. I think it is great that you are passionate for this cause!

    I had a breast cancer scare in August. I had my first mammogram ever and they found a lump. I had a biopsy and it all turned out ok, but it was the scariest few days of my life. It certainly gave me a heightened awareness of breast cancer, and also made me determined to get healthy. During that time, a thought kept haunting me, that this may have been preventable if I'd taken better care of myself since being overweight leaves you at an increased risk of cancers.

    I feel like I have been given a second chance at life and I want to make the most of it!

  2. Sounds like an amazing luncheon - must have been very inspiring! Love the pink decor everywhere; love those fireman, hubba hubba! Oh, and nice work resisting not only the little box of chocolates but the pink dessert as well!!!

  3. Oh wow... It looks like that place was absolutely gorgeous. <3 How awesome.

    And if you put your mind to it, of course you can run a mile. ;)

  4. I know how emotional these events can be! I signed up to walk a 5K to raise money for breast cancer just for the hell of it and was blown away by the joyous spirits and rebel attitude of the survivors and the families of those that had passed from it. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of. Good for you for passing on your dessert AND the chocolates! Wow!

  5. It really was emotional and inspiring. And the room was gorgeous. The coordinators said there were 600 people (mostly women) in attendance! (That's a LOT, when you consider that this is a small town.)

    Trish - So glad you're okay. A scare like that really does make you think about big issues, doesn't it?

  6. So nice you were able to give your dessert away! Sounds like a great day!

    I am promoting a recipe ebook from Once a Month Mom and A Southern Fairy tale where the proceeds will all go to Breast Cancer Research. I have the information on my recipe blog, they are both sharing recipes and breast cancer stories on their blogs everyday this month!