Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot 100 Update

My update for the Hot 100 Challenge:

1.  Lose 15-plus pounds by the end of the year / end of the challenge.  I missed my weigh-in yesterday, as explained in my last post, but I am still down according to my scales.  Not going to count it until it's on my "official" WW scales though.  But I'm on track to make my 15 pounds during the challenge, for a total of at least 30 total by the end of the year!

2.  Get more sleep.  After a comment from Dr. Fatty Finds Fitness on my last Hot 100 update, I really see the value of sleep and am determined to do better.  So every night (except last night), I've gotten to bed earlier.  I'd still like to get to bed even 30 minutes earlier each night, and I'll get there.  Feeling better already.  Thanks, Dr. F!

3.  Start taking vitamins.  I continue to choke down a fistful of supplements daily, including a couple for my joints.

4.  Make a plan for eating and exercising over the holidays and stick to it.  Still have not purchased Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters.  Planning to wait until the last minute and then to purchase candy I don't like (if such a candy exists).  Or I might just forgo candy altogether in lieu of these other treats I've gotten.  So far I'm stocking up on spider rings, scary pencils, orange and black bracelets, and mini-size Play-Doh to give out.  Better for the kiddos too, right?

Don't get weak now, Hotties!  We're just now starting up that hill of holiday temptations, so now is the time to pick it up!


  1. I'm glad you're getting more sleep. It's so important. Good luck on the WI. Hope it's a good one! Glad to hear your goals are coming along so well. I'm here with you!

  2. Hi Charlotte. Sounds like your doing really good on your goals. Don't worry about not weighing in because that just means you have another week to lose even more. I love these challenges they really keep you focused. I'm currently doing 4 different challenges I think and they all end at the end of the year I hope there are new ones to replace them. I would really like to host a challenge myself after the New Year but I need to set down and come up with the rules and a really good prize. Have you ever hosted a challenge before?

  3. Good job! I wrote about Halloween candy planning on Monday and got a lot of very varied approaches that dieters use. One that surprised me by be mentioned several times was buying full size candy bars. The dieters were not inclined to cheat with those as they would with the little ones. I haven't gotten any yet and will put it off until the end:)

  4. I always underestimate the value of sleep. It really does help me drop the pounds!!

    Great work on your goals!

  5. You're so wise for getting that sleep!!
    Thanks so much for your support on my blog. It means so very much to me.
    And you're right... there's still time to make a good showing before the holidays really start to bear down.

  6. Nice on the update!! Very wise on the sleep, I need to take that to heart and go to bed! Thanks!

  7. Sounds like you had a great week Charlotte! Way to go!