Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Betcha Can't Eat Just One

Yesterday I fouled up.

Here's what did it:

Candy Corn 5lb

Feeling festive, I bought a bag of candy corn.  I don't normally keep treats like this in the house anymore, and this is one of those items that only comes out once a year.  "It's for the kids," I told myself.  Apparently, I lie to myself on a regular basis.

I realize there are worse things in the world, but I shouldn't have eaten as many as I did.  On a positive note, I wrote down the calories, calculated the Points, and went light on the rest of the day.  This enabled me to stay within my calorie range for the day, despite having about three servings of tri-colored sweetness.

Who said, "A calorie is a calorie, no matter what the food is"?  I'm gonna have to call B.S. on that.  As far as weight loss/gain, I might not argue the point.  However, by last night, I felt gross from all the sugar.  Had I enjoyed 480 calories worth of, say, apples or veggies or almonds, I don't think I would have felt the same as I did after 480 calories of corn-shaped sugar and corn syrup.

My plan for today is this:

Eat my regular breakfast and lunch.
One or two SMALL, healthy snacks between lunch and dinner.
Extra water.
Lean dinner.
Nothing after 6:00 PM.

I weigh in tomorrow at noon.  Hope I haven't blown it.  I've exercised more in the past two weeks than I normally ever do, so at least I know I'm doing something good for my heart.

I will be very diligent today and might try to come in a couple hundred calories below my norm.  I'm not going to starve by doing this for one day.  Tomorrow I will resume my regular pattern.

This is a good reminder to me that I need to be more careful with my environment, especially around the holidays.  I make it far too easy to set myself up with excuses during these months.  I really convinced myself that candy corn would be a safe bet, since it's not chocolate.  Clearly, I'm not that picky in how I blast sugar into my system.  Good to know!

Anyone else have a Halloween food item that triggers overeating?


  1. I call BS on this too. If it were just the calorie, I might be able to agree, but it is what the food does to us.

    ~South Beach Steve

  2. I did the same thing this week with some of those little tootsie rolls. I don't even like those things that much, but suddenly they were like the best things in the world.

  3. I looked at (ok, and tried to smell) a bag of candy corn at Target today. Didn't end up buying it for the exact reasons you listed...been there, done that too many times.

    Hope your weigh in is a good one!

  4. EWwww, candy corn! That is one of the safest candies for me to be around b/c they are like rat poison to me. OK, maybe rat poison tastes better but I wouldn't know. ;) It's great that you caught yourself before you went over your points for the day--very well done balancing yourself. And I agree-the type of calorie matters. Besides making gus feel like crap, sugar isn't as filling or satisfying as carbs from fruits and veggies, whole grains or proteins