Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Confessions of a (Non) Stick Figure

Yes, my friends, I'm still here!  I've just been struggling the last couple of weeks.  Initially it really worried me.  I started to doubt my ability to follow through on making changes for a healthier and, yes, thinner me. I started to wonder if I could actually ever get to the point where this would be my lifestyle and not just a diet.  I began to doubt myself.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I realize this has been yet another setback, and I don't like it.  However, I also realize that I'm fighting it out with life-long habits I've developed that did me no good yet still had a powerful hold on me.  And sometimes they still do have a hold on me.

I missed my weigh-in last week.  I was busy, but I could have made it if I'd really wanted to.  So tomorrow I will go to my Weight Watchers meeting and take my lumps like a grown-up.  I will do a better job planning, and I'll stop at the grocery store to make sure I'm all stocked up with healthy and easy options to go to.

It won't be pretty, folks, I promise you that.  But I'll report it honestly, and then I will get busy doing what I have to do to wrestle with my issues so that I can give myself what I deserve.

Now, that being said, I would like to add that it wasn't all bad.  I tried Zumba!  To give you the full effect of how that went, I'm whipping out my awe-inspiring artistic skills.  Now, before you wanna-be artists ask, I can't tell you my secrets to creating perfect form like this.  It's just a gift.  You're either born with it or you're not.  Aaaaaand, apparently I'm not.

I now present "Stick Figure's Fitness Adventures."

First of all, the Zumba class was held in a shopping center, and the building was windows upon windows, to give any passers-by a nice view of the Zumba gyrations.

Despite realizing I was the biggest one there (you know you always check for that too), I was glad to see that everyone was pretty much in my age range, about 35-45 years old.  Onward we go!  I realized immediately my lack of coordination, but I didn't let that stop me.  I just kept moving, pausing to apologize now and then to anyone I might have bumped into.

Wobbly legs?  Check.
Sweating buckets?  Check.
Out of breath?  Check.

But I did it!  I didn't stop once, and I felt like I'd really gotten a great workout and accomplished something new!

We were done, and the Zumba instructor pipes up with this little gem.  She says, "You know, actually, this Zumba routine was originally designed for senior citizens."
(The Devil's Skinny Sister)

That's just fabulous news!  (Read: sarcasm)

It was still a fun experience, despite feeling a little like a doofus for thinking that the old-lady routine was challenging.  In fact, I might go again tomorrow night!


  1. OMG this made me laugh. LOVE the illustrations. You're a gem!

    Hang in there and keep it going. You're doing great!

  2. Too cute, but what a defeatest of your instructor for taking you all down a peg after you worked so hard-shame on her! But good on you!!! Keep it up!

    Polar's Mom

  3. I loves my Charlotte!! I'll see you tomorrow night - we'll wobble together.

  4. Ahahahaha!!! You must turn those pics into a ZUMBA poster.

  5. You are quite the artist - I love your drawings! Especially the muscles! You might have gotten off track, but it wasn't for long, and you're back, which is what's important.

  6. You must keep drawing in your posts!!!
    I keep wondering about Zumba myself.... someday maybe.
    Now that I know what to expect!

  7. I agree with Tree--the illustrations are greatness and I'd love to see them return as often as possible. Really livened it up! Was the Zumba class done on Jan 1st to compete for the Guiness Book of World Records largest Zumba class? We had one in Wichita but I didn't find out about it unil 11AM Jan 1 and the class was at noon so I opted out. I don't even know what zumba is--guess I gotta research it.

    I do understand your struggle--I fight it all the time. While reading your blog, I finished off a full-size bag of Fritos that I bought only yesterday for white chili Frito pies (fritos topped with chili and cheese). Ugh! Time to make a change...again!

    Good luck and best wishes, girl!

  8. Award for you on my site!

    Polar's Mom