Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jabbering Janes

I love to talk. Sometimes I talk too much.  I'm okay with that. However, there is a time and a place for it, right?

Today at the gym, there were women on the two machines next to mine. They were chatting it up - LOUDLY.  They both had their earbuds in, and were speaking at a volume to allow them to hear one another over their own music.  Now, if they can hear each other over their music, doesn't it stand to reason that everyone else in the gym is hearing them too?  And I have my music on because I don't want to hear anyone else talking.

But wait, there's more!  Since it was impossible not to hear them without causing serious damage to my own ears by blasting sound into my head, this is what I picked up: Their conversation covered several topics, with some of the loudest portions centering on the following: All the details of getting their first period; neighbors and friends who are addicted to drugs and/or in prison; and how much they hate Mormons.  There were several middle-aged and older men in the room as well, and most of them wore that "please shut up" expression.

When they finished with the machines, they stood in the aisle right next to me and continued to chat it up on these subjects, but now they were joined by who I assume was the daughter of one of them.  Oh, yeah, and this pre-teen was in a bathing suit, sopping wet.  Then when somebody wanted to leave, they would not move! Finally, after two "excuse me" attempts, they scooted over half an inch for me to pass, but the soaked kid bent over and stuck her rear end in my face as I walked by.

But enough about my new best friends; it's time for my workout report...

I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, which means I'm making progress!  I've been doing 35 minutes, but I couldn't resist the sparkling conversation around me and stuck around for ten extra minutes today.

Additionally, P90X with my neighbor Denise continues on most days.  When we haven't done the workout, I've gone to the gym or walked, though I do take one or two days off each week.

The tag line for the P90X workout is, "Bring it!"
So I say to you now, you know you've got what it takes, so BRING IT!


  1. Can't wait to start P90x, waiting on my chin up if I can do chin ups anyway.

    I HATE loud talkers. Like those people on their phones who talk really loudly so you will know how important they are! ARGH!!!!!!!

    If you had piped into their conversation, maybe they would have realized how loud they actually were...then again the world is full of a-holes who think they are entitled to do whatever they please, regardless of etiquette.

    Polar's Mom

  2. LOL on your new best friends!! Some people! Well, good for you for hanging in there an extra 10 minutes, despite their loud talking. How long have you been doing P90X? Do you love it? Have you seen results? Is it killing you? I'm thinking about starting it.

  3. - Polar's Mom, hey, that would be funny if I just started talking to them as if I were part of the conversation. And I could start saying all kinds of crazy stuff so maybe they'd realize how ridiculous they sounded. Too late, I guess, unless they happen to be there tonight. Fingers crossed!

    - iamgoingdown - I did P90X a year ago and went through the whole program, but did it more consistently then than now. We followed the program daily, or as prescribed. This time we follow the program, but some days I do another workout instead. So we're not missing any of it, but sometimes there will be a day in between workouts. But I do like it. I've only been back on it for two weeks. I feel like it is effective, but some days I still feel like I need more cardio. (Some days are more focused on weights/strength training.) Never did get to the point of being able to do chin ups without a step-stool under my toe. I'd recommend it. Worth a try!