Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My eating has been a challenge this holiday, but I did accomplish a goal.

A little backstory:  Because we had people coming in from all over and at different times, we wound up having our big holiday meal Sunday night and opening gifts on Monday morning.  So I had a little delay in the festivities.

Then after gifts were opened and leftovers consumed, my husband and I geared up and went out to walk the hilly road called Holdsworth Drive.

Did the whole thing, baby!  It was about 3.6 miles total, I think.  (Been awhile since I measured it out.)  I know for some of you die-hards, that doesn't seem like much, but at my fitness level and with all the hills, it really was pretty big for me.

It was windy, but the weather was really nice otherwise, and I had my fella with me.  All good!

And now for the photo proof of my quasi-5K:

Wait for me, dude!

Don't know if these pics do justice to the hilliness of this road

Big hill coming up in the distance!

Blue skies and sunshine
I think I might do this again sometime!


  1. That is a great walk, Charlotte! After my 10K run in the hills of Maui, I said that if I could just (find and) walk, not run, hills a few times a week, I would be in fantastic shape - they really do kick your booty!

  2. Good for you!!! Way to be motivated after a big meal!

    Polar's Mom

  3. Good job, Charlie! I saw Debbie at Salada's today - she said it was a bad holiday for her, too!

    When you walkin' with me?!