Friday, January 21, 2011

It Works!

This was the first week I really committed to the new Weight Watchers plan.  Ever since they changed it, I have been slacking -- some weeks more than others.  But it turns out, the new plan does work.  For me, just being aware of portion sizes and healthy choices is a big deal.  I might think I'm doing well but actually be eating more than I need.  Writing it down (or tapping it into the iPhone, as I do) works for me.

Yesterday's weigh-in was good.  Very good.  I lost 6.4 pounds this week!

As for the Zumba, it didn't happen this week.  The instructor called me Tuesday and said there would be no classes this week.  It's only offered two days a week anyway, so I'm hoping we'll be back on schedule next week.

I'm looking forward to attending a Spurs basketball game tonight and a charity gala tomorrow, but as always with events like this, I'm gearing up for the food challenge.

Hope you all have a fun weekend!


  1. That's awesome! Congrats on the loss! =)

  2. that's incredible! the best ad for WW I've heard.

  3. Holy moly Charlotte - what a great weigh-in!!! What's that saying - "it works if you work it" - you worked it, girlfriend! :)

  4. Wow girl! Just WOW!

    I'm getting started with Atkin's for the umpteenth time. :( Maybe I need to check out the new WW!


  5. Fantastic. I love WW. It is so important to write things down. I feel it is my #1 key to success. Keep it up.

  6. Proud of you, Char. I didn't tell you Thursday (me being in that horrible mood and all) but I was thinking that you're doing Biggest Loser numbers. Dang.